New Website & New Designs

Hello and welcome to my new website. Here you will find a selection of my handmade glass beads.

Years ago I had my own selling website, then sales moved over to Etsy, then Facebook and then back to Etsy and in the meantime my website just became a holding page linking to Etsy or Facebook showcases.  I still have an Etsy shop and sell there regularly but I've decided it's time to take the plunge and have my own e-commerce website as well. I love Etsy, it puts me in touch with customers from all over the world, and I doubt I could have built my business without it. But there are times when it can be frustrating and worrying. They change their search algorithm, alter the way their adverts work or decide to prioritise items offering free shipping to the USA and suddenly all the work you've put in optimising your listings doesn't quite work and you need to alter your tags, titles, adverts again. And so here we are on a brand new website. 

I hope you like the beads you see here. I will be adding new designs, like the cone beads shown here, regularly. Most of the designs will be made to order, specially for you. There may be one off items as well in due course. If you visit my Etsy shop as well and see something there you want in addition to beads you see here then do go ahead and order. I will always refund one shipping charge if order from here and from Etsy and combine your orders in the same parcel. 

I will try to update this blog's something I've tried and failed at before ...but hopefully this time will be different. I'll post about new designs, techniques, tools and glass as well as bits about life here in the beautiful county of Cornwall. 

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