Lampwork shaping tools from Perlenpresse

New Tools, New Beads.

Now and then I like to get some new tools. New tools often help inspire new designs as they give the chance to make different shapes and styles. I recently treated myself, or rather my business, to some bead rollers from Perlenpresse, cylinders and teardrops, along with a heart press. 

I've really enjoyed making new designs with them. The teardrop is a long, elegant shape allowing me to make long drops without the beads getting too heavy. I know a lot of people like big earrings but I'm a bit of a wimp and can't take too much weight so this press roller is great.


I love the heart shape. I'd really like another smaller size in this shape for earrings, althoughI haven't actually looked to see if that's an option yet.  I like the small and large size and will add some to this site soon. 


I've not had much chance to play with the cylinder roller yet but I will be as soon as I've caught up with all of my orders. 


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