All Change.

Well you would have thought that I'd have found five minutes for a blog post or two in the last year but no. I've failed spectacularly on that front. 

Since I last posted a lot has changed. Along with the rest of the world we have all faced the pandemic: lockdowns, masks, missing family and friends and for some of us lucky enough to get the chance, vaccinations. Sadly for some their world has changed for ever. 

The UK has left the EU. Many of us running small businesses are still trying to workout what that will mean for our sales in the future. Will European customers still buy from us or will the prospect of additional charges mean that part of our business has gone at least for now. 

On a personal front, being lockdown together for several months has meant that my partner Ian and I have decided to get married. I have sold my house in St Agnes (sob) and I am temporarily at Ian's house near Redruth but we are buying somewhere together. I won't say too much as I don't want to jinx it but we are both very excited and busy planning new workshops. 

I've been trying to put a bit more colour in my beads...generally I keep restocking the same colours over and over, ivory, copper green. So I decided it was time to brighten up a bit. I've done some new aged designs using coral red, ochre, turquoise as well as my favourite copper green and few others. I hope to add more shapes, colours and styles once I've caught up on my current orders and production work. 

I'm also doing some glass testing for Creation is Messy and I will be doing another blog post later this week about some of the rather delicious coloured rods I've been sent. 

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